The Harvest Moon Way

At Harvest Moon we try to approach weddings differently than most caterers, beginning with the source of our food: whenever possible, we harvest from our own gardens and raise our own pork and poultry. Beyond that, we try to source from our local friends' organic farms and to seek out sustainable sources for meat and seafood. These days, everyone is claiming farm to table, but we try to take it a step further. Besides our sourcing, there is our method: We are not the team who shows up with food cooked days before that's then heated on site and dropped into chafing dishes. We like to bring raw ingredients and cook over wood fires in a visible experience for everyone. We know that this not only makes the food taste better, but also allows the cooking to be part of the entertainment at your event.


Our Wood Fired Events


We believe in the importance of cooking food over a real fire, so much so that we designed our business around it. To watch your meal be prepared right in front of you creates a connection to the food like no other - it is both primal and progressive in an industry that strives to make the cooking experience as simple as possible. We strive to make it the most fulfilling eating experience - from the source of the food to the way it’s honestly presented.

For weddings we bring our beautifully custom crafted tow-behind Argentine style grill or our dome-shaped oven designed by Maine Wood Heat, and we try to park where everyone can watch the show. We use sustainably harvested Maine hardwood which gives our food the signature smoked flavor we’re best known for.

We have designed custom menus for both of our types of fire, the grill and the oven, as well as our super package for our absolutely top of the line wedding with both of our units onsite. If you prefer one unit over the other, please note that we can only book one event per weekend with each unit, so get in touch early!