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February 2019

We are so excited to head into another season of catering and are so proud of the staff we had last season. We pulled off so many amazing events and could not have done it without a super dedicated professional team. Now as we look forward to the 2019 season we are looking for new pros to build our team.

Servers. If you are a front of the house pro we want to meet you! Or maybe you are looking to get into catering and want us to train you that’s fine too. It’s hard work that requires a lot of lifting and running around but we work in the most beautiful locations in Maine and have a lot of fun doing it.

Bartenders. We look for people with real heavy bar experience. Getting crushed by 200 people who all want a drink at the same time should be your idea of a good time. Job involves lots of lifting and moving product and the ability to work a solid 6 hour bar shift plus set up and breakdown.

Chefs. We cook together as a team and do not have set line stations. Our chefs are expected to know how to cook anything to perfection as this is a farm to table operation and we cook whatever we get from our farmers. We cook exclusively over roaring fires and we have a blast doing it. It’s hot, smokey work and you are exposed to the elements all day.


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